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Clinc Conveys Conversational AI to Turkey’s Isbank

U.S.-based Clinc and Turkish private bank Isbank have inaugurated the “world’s second-biggest” mobile banking voice assistant by over six million users, reports Antony Peyton of FinTech Futures

Powered by Clinic’s conversational artificial intelligence (AI), the new voice associate named “Maxi”  will be accessible in the IsCep app.

Maxi will answer financial questions “exclusive to each user,” offer modified spending recommendations, plus do banking jobs.

According to the duo, created on the total quantity of users, Maxi is “second only to Bank of America’s ‘Erica’”.

Halim Memis, channel tactic unit manager at Isbank’s digital banking division, said: “While making a first of its kind native language solution had its challenges, training the platform in Turkish plus integrating it to our mobile banking application was smooth with [Clinc’s] support.”

Clinc CEO Dr. Jason Mars pointed out that this is the “first time that conversational AI has been set up in Turkey.” He added, “Since our AI learns new languages in a neural network mode without hardcoding new instructions and grammar, banks can rapidly build and set up in over 80 languages”.

Using their voice, the bank’s clientele can check balances plus spending history, transfer money, review transactions, as well as get spending advice.

conventional AI

The bank furthermore plans to incorporate Clinc’s AI into added client support channels counting its IVR call center. As reported in June, the pair talked about doing this.

Clinc revealed its conversational AI technology at FinovateFall 2016, winning Best of Show. Created in 2015 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Clinc has raised $7.8 million in funding. The business’s investors contain Drive Capital and eLab Ventures.

As a creator in Turkish digital banking, Isbank has constructed its own AI-based personal associate called“Maxi”.

Maxi allows clientele to communicate in their daily language and perform advanced public financial management (PFM) inquiries with enhanced graphs and cash transfers in one step. Users can enquire questions connected to their spending history with numerous details counting date, merchant, amount, as well as ask for spending recommendations. Advanced PFM features plus having both text- and voice-enabled conversational interfaces distinguish Maxi from its contestants.

 Maxi was inaugurated in November 2018. Within 5 months, over 3 million users had intermingled with Maxi, approximately 10 million dialogues had taken place plus approximately 60 million TL had been transported. Currently, Maxi is available via both Isbank’s mobile payment app “Maximum Mobil” plus Isbank’s mobile banking app “IsCep”. Maxi has moreover been integrated into Google Assistant as well as added to Siri shortcuts.

How to Select the Best Cutting Board?

Cutting boards come in different types and there is something for all. Even I love wooden cutting boards, and professional use the color-coded plastic, some prefer using wood and bamboo. This is one of the most universal tools and helps to protect your knives & keep the counters clean. When it comes about selecting the right one for your kitchen, you have a lot of options. If you are thinking how to select the best cutting board, which is a right fit for you & your cooking style, check some of the important factors.

Important factors to check out when choosing the board

  • Must be simple to clean
  • Needs to be knife-friendly
  • Easy on your pocket
  • Simple to maintain
  • Check out the size and durability

I love wooden cutting boards

You will find many types of cutting boards available in the market; just make sure you choose the cutting board that suits your type of cooking. It is better to invest in three: two big and one small that can be used for chopping and other tasks. Depending upon the type of cooking you do, make sure you check out different options before investing in the cutting board.


Hence, these are some of the important factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing the cutting board. No matter whether your main priority is aesthetics or function, invest in the best quality of cutting board that you enjoy using it in your kitchen.

Why employ an online reputation management service

You have been working very hard, investing a lot of money, time, and energy.

You have been continually introducing new products and services.

You have been offering innovative promotional offers and introducing reward programs to ensure your customer is happy.

What happened? Are you losing customers? Is your brand unable to sustain its popularity among buyers? Clueless about what could be going wrong?

Do not worry, as there is a solution to your problem.

Check out weave – an online reputation management service provider.

  1. Online marketing. It helps send out mailers, conduct an online survey to gauge customer expectations. It efficiently manages the website where customers have access to brand description, price, reviews, payment options, privacy policy, etc.
  2. Image maintenance. It motivates customers to write valuable feedback/reviews to understand brand popularity and areas for improvement. A positive review is equal to a satisfied customer; that means we should continue our work. Bad reviews create a negative impact that needs damage control.
  3. Customer engagement. It streamlines timely promotional offers and services and ensures they reach the customers without any delays/cancellations. It efficiently manages scheduling appointments, meetings, reminders, and follow-ups to sustain customers’ trust in the brand.
  4. Social media monitoring. It makes sure your brand is more visible on social media platforms and sponsored/popular events. It also makes sure no negative comment/rumor, fake news, etc., is being floated on the web that could damage your brand’s reputation.

Retaining customers is very important for any business. Online reputation management saves time and has access to a vast audience. It monitors and promotes your brand on various blogs, forums, review sites, and multiple websites visited by customers. The customer is king. Customer satisfaction reflects the success of your brand.

Best Ways to Select the Best Kitchen Knives.

It is essential to realize how to choose extraordinary knives for any event. These are four standards in choosing the best kitchen knives.

The primary path is to know the sort you would require. This can be founded on cooking propensities, styles, and strategies. The more easily the action, the more sure the cook will become with them, and with the undertaking being finished.

Another route is by feeling the weight when held. All together words, you need to pick an ideal choice for you. For instance, to cut nourishments simpler, the strong kinds are a generally excellent decision. Notwithstanding, if you are stressed over being handier instead of making the cutting of food easier like a bread knife make short work of cutting a loaf, a more moderate knife would be a superior decision. In these cases, it assists with having a specialist on knives direct you to pick the best choice.

The third route is to investigate in detail the knife’s equilibrium. If you need to decide the equilibrium of kitchen knives effortlessly, this should be possible by putting your finger at the finger hold at the handle’s sharp edge end while ensuring that they are being held on a level plane with the bleeding edge down. If this is done effectively, at that point, the even ones will remain on your fingers without tumbling off. Likewise, note that any upset knife makes it more difficult for people to utilize in this way. Understanding the reason for adjusted knives is urgent to utilizing a knife viably.

Ultimately, zeroing in on quality is a method of choosing the best kitchen knives. This can be accomplished by essentially understanding that the objective is to consider getting quality over some other determination models consistently, and it is far better at a less expensive cost. Moreover, it likewise imperative to attempt to zero in less on a specific knife brand. By doing this, the odds of you purchasing a high brand knife yet with less quality will be low. Likewise, endeavoring to zero in on close to home utilization of your kitchen knives is critical as most knife wounds happen when individuals start utilizing a new knife.

How can you get Bitcoins for Free

Below are some of the methods to earn bitcoins without any investment.

1. Play online or mobile games: it is a fun way to earn bitcoin by playing online or mobile games. But these bitcoin faucets serve multiple ads to pay their players in bitcoins. This is because they too have to earn money. If you want to skip the ads then you should opt for gambling using bitcoin in a bitcoin casino. This will give you better payouts.

2. do some odd online jobs: there are websites where you can do simple tasks and earn some bitcoins. These include tasks such as taking surveys, test websites, retweet articles, or other tasks.

3. Read some books: numerous bitcoin faucets have found a more creative user activity to make higher ad revenue and engage their users too. They allow people to read books such as War of the Worlds, Pride and Prejudice, and many others and in return pay them in Bitcoin.

increase your bitcoin balance

4. Write about crypto: there are various news outlets, crypto blogs, and forums that pay writers in bitcoin by contributing to their website or blog if the person has the experience and knowledge about this industry. You can find such writing gigs on job boards of the crypto world too. Some forums give monetization options to members that are established. Businesses can also advertise their service or product in the post’s signature.

The forum gives rank to the members based on their activity and so advertisers can partner with the top-ranked members. If you are giving a huge quantity of quality posts then you can reach your way to the top of the forum member.

For more information about how to earn bitcoins, visit the website here you can know several unique ways to increase your bitcoin balance.

Appointment Reminder Shows Dental Practice Is Technologically

Before, the attention of all marketing strategies for appointment dental appointment reminders software is to decrease the no-show speed and so increase the total revenue. Nowadays, there’s another recognized reason for reminding patients of their upcoming dental appointment reminders appointments, and that is to instill in their minds the significance of dental health. By creating a lasting first impression, patients will find the encouragement they should see dental aid before their illness gets worse. Dental fear is a common condition characterized by a continuous and excessive fear of going to the dentist. Even the thought of visiting a dental clinic already encourages some anxiety.

  1. You’ve got the high-tech gear and great customer services.

Most dental patients trust a dental practice with new gear over another with obsolete facilities. This is because dentists are perceived to have machines and gadgets which can make any dental treatment fast. As much as you can, pain-free, what better way to show off how modern your dental clinic is than reaching out to individuals through automatic SMS, email or phone call.

  1. You are showcasing your efficacy as a practitioner and a business owner.

With the ideal appointment reminder software set up, you can reach complete office automation. Your employees will be given more time to concentrate on other more important things than being stuck on the telephone all day. By sending messages out scheduled which include reminders for your next dental visit, you’re strengthening your patients that you’re efficient and reliable.

  1. You are telling your patients that they are worth your time.

Dental patients who feel valued will trust practice and give you their devotion. Therefore, if you choose the best dental appointment reminders apps, your message of value and warmth will be genuinely appreciated. If patients feel that they’re significant, they will come on their scheduled appointment. And if more individuals adhere to their schedules, the lower your no-show rate will likely be. In the long run, you will see an increase in your revenue and productivity.

It’s not true that there is not anything you can do to encourage patients to overcome their fear of dentists. You can help them feel relaxed enough to want one to look at their dental health. All you need is reliable dental appointment reminders software to keep you, your staff and your patients happy and happy.

Find the benefit of the steel fabrication options

While trying to construct a building within a small budget, you should be using materials that do not cost too much in the market. The steel is considered to be a reliable but at the same time budget friendly material. The usage of steel is available right from the olden days and you can ensure that your money is not wasted because it is highly durable. It is time to try the structural steel fabrication in your projects and this is going to save a huge amount of money for you bit there is no compromise in the quality.

steel fabrication

Benefits of steel fabrication

Steel is very much durable compared to other materials like wood. Because wood is susceptible to the environmental condition like winter and summer and they change their forms during these different seasons.  So if you need a product that is going to last for a long period of time, then you will be enjoying it in the steel. This is the reason why the project heads are trying only structural steel fabrication in the commercial buildings.

But if you need to think about the versatility, then could find it only with the steel fabrication options. Because without the help of a versatile strength, we cannot think about faster constriction.

The steel is very much helpful in designing the building with a lot of freedom. In this scenario, the designer is trying to reach the steel because they could easily perform the new designs as the steel fabrication is possible with ease.

Benefits of Availing Manufacturer’s Insurance Plan for Your Business

If you are in a manufacturing business, you must be handling products right from its conceptual stage way to reality. When you are finished, there will not be a single screw or wobbly base found. Mostly you depend on the high-end equipments and machine-driven precision, and not to mention execution from each staff member out there.

However, manufacturing means plenty of moving parts that you have to deal with on regular basis. There are chances of accidents to happen, doesn’t matter how exact the measurements and how experienced the workforce. Even on the best day, you may hit peak output & get another tally on board without any incidents. And on worst days, you require proper coverage or manufacturers insurance to back you up.

Why you need proper insurance coverage?

Defected goods that include misleading or faulty instructions will be repaired or replaced under this insurance policy. Suppose any product sold isn’t up to the mark, then insurance may cover it and sent it back to manufacturer to get rectified. Under the typical insurance plan, if repair cost exceeds its product value, then insurance can cover for the brand new one getting issued back to a buyer.

manufacturers insurance policies

Suppose any customer incurs loss in their business earnings due to the defective product that they have bought, then under the reliable insurance policy they are covered for such defects. For instance, if you have purchased a laptop for your work purposes, and fails to work rightly and you lose your work due to it, then you may claim back your money. Also, the manufacturer will be covered for cost of repairing and replacing the product. Hence, there are many benefits of taking the right manufacturing business, just make sure you choose the right type of insurance for your business needs.

Types of manufacturing business insurance

  • General Liability: It covers the business against any claims for the bodily injury or property damage. If you ad property coverage in the General Liability insurance policy, it will be referred as the Business Owner Policy.
  • Commercial Insurance: If you are a business owner, then it is important to have same types of coverage’s for your car that you use in the business just like you use car for the personal travel – collision, liability, and comprehensive, and coverage for the uninsured motorists.
  • Workers Compensation: This type of insurance covers medical & lost wage costs (just like disability) when any employee suffers any work-related illness or injury.

Ultimate Reasons Why Industrial Communication Is Vital – READ HERE

One way of transmitting data signals across the network from one particular point to another is through data transmission or industrial radio communication systems. This manner of effective communication between various devices is necessary not only for ensuring proper operation but also for monitoring and controlling a variety of processes, given the presence of automation of industrial data systems that are present today.

As a rule of thumb, the communication between these devices is then carried out by using variables of industrial communication protocols, which is a set of rules necessary to allow data to get transmitted and exchanged between devices intended for communication. Hence, this communication system plays a vital role in manufacturing, primarily focused on mechanical and plant engineering, and provides electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network communication for both physical and smart devices. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that communication data be accurate, stable, safe, and robust.

The entirety of such communication is to achieve the goal of combining functional data exchange and high-availability automation technology seamlessly to enable transparent and efficient communication. To succeed with this, enterprises should establish principles covering aspects of maintenance, management capacity, fault-free operation, and data protection for data architecture in terms of planning and integration.

industrial radio communication systems

What are the core values of industrial communication data? 

Value is achieved through utilizing the sharing of data using powerful tools such as IT infrastructure. With immediate access to machine data, the derivation of patterns in errors becomes readily achievable. On the other hand, for businesses, the well-established link of office and data center networks to automation networks plays a significant challenge in viewing the tasks involved mainly in industry digitalization and the resulting comprehensive networking of every industry area and extensive data exchange.

In summary, data communication is a manner that allows various organizations to lessen their overall costs and improve productivity by gaining and exchanging knowledge and similar equipment between several different devices.

Why exactly should you consider an investment in the field of industrial communication data?

There are various reasons to consider investing in industrial communication data systems. Below are the following:

  • You obtain a faster collection of data;
  • Many future users are made open to computing facilities;
  • In the case of a failure of peak loads, standby facilities are made available;
  • Whoever might need it, knowledge is more readily available;
  • Although there is a significant trend towards having simple processing carried out by microcomputers at different locations, reducing hardware costs is still connected to the central computer.

To become victorious in data communication, it is vital to be conscious of the forces present at work that affect the formation of industrial data systems. Hence, the interconnected design of information systems’ network layer can be seen in the set of necessary skills by today’s professionals in data communications.

Reasons Why People Prefer To Use Video Marketing

Video marketing can be defined as a marketing strategy used by organizations or companies to promote services and products by creating short, engaging, and informative videos to entice viewers to learn about their products or services.

Today, people prefer to look at the screen rather than read

This allows you to get your news across to people more accurately and effectively than ever before. There are many benefits to video marketing. This is a great decision that has a significant impact on the viewer. The main advantage of marketing videos over traditional text format is that videos spend less time on leads and are cheaper to produce and distribute. It is easier for a client to watch a short video than to read a long article, brochure, or newsletter.

It combines the benefits of TV advertising and interactivity on the Internet. Video marketing can be used whenever a company wants to promote their product or service well. Not only does this increase your sales and your business, but video marketing can also improve your rankings. Clients require online authentication. They want to know who you are and what your product or service is about, and video is the perfect and ideal way to convey your qualities. When customers see this in your videos, it builds trust, critical to growing your business. ,read more at


Don’t forget or skip content just because you are advertising with video. Remember, video marketing is all about promoting your business and increasing website traffic, and ultimately converting it into sales. First impressions are believed to matter, which is why many experts advise placing a marketing video on the front page of your website. Make it visible, and don’t put your video on a page that the viewer can’t even access. Your ad video should be short and engaging. Visitors get bored and dislike long, endless ads. Research shows that half of the viewers who watched the video share it with their friends and many other people who can go viral.

Video marketing services can help revitalize your business and your website with a new, interesting, informative, and unique article. They create entertaining yet educational clips and sell their viral videos in line with a strategic online advertising competition. These services ensure that your submission is designed and delivered so that certain viewers can search for it. Your online video marketing campaign can be viewed, heard, and, most importantly, sent as a viral video via video portals on the Internet. They choose the right viral video path for you so that your viral ad campaign reaches the right audience at the right time.


If you plan to use video marketing, you will also need to make copies. Video sharing websites receive huge traffic every day, which makes your product or service more popular. With a quality marketing video, you can drive huge video traffic to your site.