Aha launched one of the thriller movies: Naandhi

In the past few decades Tollywood industry has been taken up a rise. Tollywood Industry isn’t just loved because of its romantic films but also very well known for its jaw-dropping thriller movies. They have always put up their best to entertain the audience. Youngsters admire their superstars in the way they present themselves on the cameras. The storyline and the direction are so convincing and connecting that you feel that you are a part of such a big industry. It has been a curse to the film industry during this pandemic, but all thanks to some great minds who decided to entertain their audience by launching themselves on an OTT platform with Telugu Movies Online. But after a year now, things are getting back to normal. Still, if you can’t spend your money and energy routinely visiting the theater and watch your favorite Telugu movies. Therefore, you can even watch new Movies online on platforms like OTT. They have an incredible range for the audience to watch the latest movies online in HD quality. The wide cluster of delectable film and series content makes Aha a fantastic OTT choice for the whole family. One of the new thriller movies is Naandhi.


Naandhi is a Telugu movie that was released in aha application on 19th February 2021. Vijay Kanakamedala directs this movie. Surya is an IT employee who leads a happy life initially. But everything changed when he got suspected in a high-profile murder case. He was an under-trial prisoner. He does not only prove his innocence but also had to face abuse. An advocate entered his life and took him out of jail. The movie revolves around how Surya filed a section 211 case and took revenge on the culprits. The story revolves around the issue and how he captures the criminals.


The movie very well focuses on the jail atmosphere and the court setup. It brings out the emotions of the film. The movie holds the mind and heart of the audience by the unique plot structure, best performance, and fantastic climax.


The very recent launch of the AHA app has been a great success when the whole globe is shrouded in fear. It’s an app where you will get all the original Telugu content Movies. The AHA app has culminated in rich audio and video streaming throughout the world. Most importantly, from now onwards, the time to listen to those dull advertisements has been terminated. Aha application provides you with an opportunity to watch the best thriller movies. You can now watch Naandhi movie online.  The love, response, affection for Telugu Movie Online has shot up the subscribers to 2 million and 20 million users. Aha app has been set as a benchmark for any other application. The app also has a variety of thriller movies, out of which one of them is dirty hari.

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