Make your bedroom more lovable with quilt covers you like

Make your bedroom more lovable with quilt covers you like

The quiltcover means a three-layer covering of the bed. The 3 layers in the quit are the back, middle and top layer. You can buy quilt covers in Australia. The top layer in the quilt is a piece of fabric. In this layer variety of patterns and designs are sewn and can be selected according to the taste of the customer. The second layer is the middle one which is made of any of the materials of cotton, polyester, down or wool. The middle layer is the thick and fluffy layer and makes the person warm. The middle layer is also called as wadding, filling or batting layer. The bottom or the back layer looks similar to the top or first layer.All the top, middle and back layers are sewed together to form a quilt and the method is known as quilting. This gives a one piece of the quilt. The quilts are thicker and heavy than blankets and are used in winters or in lesser temperatures to keep them warm. Quilts made with only cotton can also be used in summers. Quilts are accessible in numerous designs, patterns, colours, styles or embroidered.

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Few considerations while buying a quilt cover

Here are some directions to guide you for buying a perfect quilt cover of your choice:

  • Quilt cover material: The material should be selected according to the place you stay in and the temperature of the room. Some of the materials used in the quilt cover are:
  1. Cotton: The cotton material is luxurious and also costly. Cotton quilt can also be used in any temperatures even in the warm conditions.
  2. Silk: Silk issoft, luxurious material. The silk gives real indulgence.
  3. Sateen: Silky and soft like cotton that is sewed to look glossy and smooth.
  4. Poly-blend: the fabric is less elegant and is very simple for maintenance.
  5. Linen: the fabric is very strong available in the market.
  6. Polyester jacquard: incredible for reducing ironing and preventing creasing.

Most people prefer cotton fabric when choosing a quilt cover due to it’s bright look and also colour retention. Linen fabric is second most popular while choosing the quilt cover. The Linen fabric is mostly used in the high temperature climates as the fabric makes you cool.

  • Size of the quilt cover: The size is determined according to the size of the bed and the room. You can select the size accordingly.

Design of the quilt cover: The design should be selected according to the room colours, bed design and wardrobe colour. Such matching in the room will give you a tremendous royal look for the room. This is an important consideration to make your bedroom look more beautiful.

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