Prerequisites for criminal background check

free criminal background check

Basically the criminal record is checked before a person is hired for any organization. They check if any case record related to civil cases or criminal case. For this they check many records available in public records. It is always better for the reputation of any organization that the complete background check is done for all the employees.  One of the critical checks is the free criminal background check; else company may end up in facing big issues. Let us see some points which need to be looked on before doing the criminal record check.

  • First one should think why the criminal records need to be checked, the main reason is to provide a complete secured place for working. With this check company can be relaxed that they are hiring a person without any dark past. By any chance company misses to do this type of checks and if the hired employee has any criminal record than there is a big threat to the company data and reputation.
  • On who the criminal check should be conducted, the answer is on each individual who is joining your organization. So that you don’t have any criminal hired and working at your place. The check should be done at all the levels, to avoid the criminal’s entry in any organization.

importance is given to background checks

  • What does the law say about the criminal background check; never go beyond what the local says about it else you might have to face legal notices from the government for violating the rules.
  • Should be aware of all the means through which you can get the data about any criminal. You can get the defaulters list from many databases like RBI, SEBI, CBI most wanted list and many more.
  • Follow all the rules before conducting the criminal record check such as taking the consent form from the person, on whom the check would be done contacting the best criminal record check companies who will have access to all the criminal database records. And through them there is no worry that you will miss any check.
  • The government and private farms has their own rules and regulations on the suspension of the employee after the criminal record is checked. Based on the report the private company will take the decision if they have to keep the employee or suspended them.
  • Each employee should be given a chance to explain the reasons for the negative finding about him, before taking any action on him. The decision of should be taken once the detailed check is done.


Hope this information is enough to know what should be kept in mind before doing the criminal check.