Getting to know about Clinc’s conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence Company

Briefing on the product

Founded by a group of computer scientists from Michigan University in 2015, Clinc has been gaining limelight on several accolades. Starting from a simple AI platform, it has now transformed into providing financial solutions to the market. Its recent launch speaks about a customizable and conversational platform that streamlines consumer queries and offers a collated feedback to the entrepreneurs. Sounds interesting, right? Read on to find more about the same.

Features of the product

The following enlists the wide array of features provided by the latest model from Clincand how is it going to transform the lives of millions:

  • Inclusion of a virtual assistant by the name of Finie and developing a platform related to the same for providing collective feedback on the consumer requirements within a lesser period.
  • Compatibility to the requirements of some of the well-known clients from different verticals, like Stryker, Ford, Wendy to name a few.
  • Enhanced bandwidth of the module for meeting the requirements of a large group of consumers, who are not able to visit the banks due to COVID-19 and are hence looking for virtual options to connect (without hampering the overall health).
  • Allows the people to view their credit history, scores, and other data effortlessly and take actions accordingly for the management of the cards.
  • Usage of the AI data to replace the bulk of waste data from the call centers and therefore reduces the dependency of going extra mile for maintaining the call records.
  • Financial genie to answer all of the questions from the new module of Clinc and offer a quick response for bringing changes in the data.
  • Customized codes and addresses of the consumer queries based on the fonts and other requirements to solve the issues on a priority.

Know Before Choosing Clinc

Therefore, the new module of AI is sure to help out in the current pandemic scenario.

Advantages of the product

The following are the advantages of going for the new module from the company:

  • Easy integration into the crowdsourcing platforms for data management and reduced cost of data entry.
  • Improvised semantics for embedding the data in open space and improved language for formalizing the feedback process.
  • A low-cost platform for both personal and official usages.
  • Generation of APIs for maintaining the track of spending on different assets.

Therefore, it is no doubt that Clinc is working towards changing the face of AI in financial solutions. Data management is going to become very easy now.