What are the advantage and limitations of broadcasting media?

Media is one of the most important parts of our daily life. Generally, people have a habit of reading the newspaper early in the morning with a cup of tea. No one can’t deny it if I would say, media has now become the voice of every common man. There are different means to communicate through media.  Newspapers, radio, television, books these are the variant kind of media. Usually, it is divided into three categories:

  • Print media
  • Broadcasting media
  • Internet

Print media that involves newspapers, books, magazines, etc. This kind of media has brought a revolutionary change to our society. It includes important or essential information. Many times a few serious articles change the complete perception of society. We can’t ignore print media from our lives. We all are using the internet these days. Almost everyone is aware of the features of the internet. This media has made its own identity. Internet is used for promoting business, politics, and education or all little and big things that affect our lives. Getting all kinds of information on our mobile phone has made it more popular.

Broadcasting media is also a big source of all kinds of information. It brings global news to your room. Today the broadcasting media has changed a lot. They not only show the news while also take care of the audience’s entertainment. A large number of broadcasting groups own many news channels by themselves. Sinclair Broadcast Group is one of the broadcasting group own itself owns more than 2893 news channels in the USA. Broadcasting media includes television and radio. Due to these sources, we are able to watch or hear all the events happening throughout the world. They broadcast all kinds of news like sports, politics, entertainment, and so on. They have several benefits and limitations for society:

  1. They promote the product through running advertisement of them on their channels.
  2. They have a large number of audiences at the national or local level.
  3. Broadcasting media help in alerting before the arrival of any disaster.
  4. Aware of the people with all political issues at the national or international level.
  5. It is a prime source for all types of news.


  1. It needs a high cost of production for broadcasting.
  2. Sometimes fake news can create a bad situation in our society.
  3. It is not portable.