With proven skills and experience of approximately 30 years across 40 countries and more than 50 marketing brands, he has proven to be an expert in global brand approach, regional and cross-cultural marketing operation, and operational change management. It’s therefore, this skills and experience that have driven him to start mtm choice worldwide, a global market communication group. But before that, he has built in his leadership and business management skills from a number of companies.

Alexei Orlov experience before becoming the CEO of mtm choice worldwide

Alexei Orlov was employed as the senior adviser to the   CEO and Chairman of DAS, an international division of Omnicom Group. He took the responsibility of overseeing all marketing and brand positioning for all of the Volkswagen Brands portfolios across ASEAN and Greater China. He was also equally responsible for the financial superiority of Volkswagen’s vital regional business when he was working as part of the company’s core executive team.


When he was a member of Volkswagen’s Executive management Team, he was mutually accountable for the commercial brilliance of the company’s essential regional business, as well as being co-responsible for the brand veracity and marketing operation of the organization’s key brands, he initially owned and ran ROCQM and MCW, expert in brand strategy and commercial improvement

Preceding to administrating ROCQM and MCW, he was playing the role of Global Brand Communications Director for Volvo Cars and Marketing Director of Volvo UK, during that time the company became the second biggest national selling company for the Volvo Corporation.  Before joining Volvo Cars, he was the Marketing Director of Avon Cosmetics Retail, Europe the youngest executive ever to be given directorship position at Avon.

His enthusiasm for brand superintendence and operational leadership, driven by dynamic and happy teams, was perceptible at the very start of his professional life as a founding member of the exceedingly successful Paperchase Retail Group.

Alexei Orlov has earned a number of awards and accolades throughout his career. The awards he has been awarded are for his contributions to the global marketing sector. One extraordinary was awarded CMO of the year for ASEAN by The World Brand Congress for two years consecutively.