Want to know about the Alexei Orlov the founder and CEO of MTM

Alexi Orlov activation towards his career

Alexi Orlov has the great experience of about 30 years in global marketing. He came across about 40 countries with almost 50 brands in global marketing. He used to be called as seasoned practitioner in marketing area and also he was the founder of MTM global marketing.

What is meant by MTM and how it services to the people?

MTM is one of the best global marketing and communication based group that works on its own proprietary technologies. This group was specialized in audience intelligence, content creation, production, media deployment. The agency that was supported by MTM is local projects, Camron PR, sub Rosa and NOM. At present they have 120 clients across the globe because of their best in class work.

shine in global marketing

What are the experiences of Alexei Orlov?

Alexei Orlov was very passionate toward his work and he was honoured with many awards and prizes. Here are some of the experience and work of Alexei Orlov,

  • As everyone knows very well that he was the founder and CEO of MTM global marketing.
  • In DAS group of companies he was the main advisor to the global CEO.
  • He was the global chief executive officer in RAAP. In this RAAP he has found some successful rebranding initiative.
  • In Volkswagen group china he was appointed as CMO (chief marketing officer). In this group Alexei Orlov has the freedom to control overall marketing and also responsible for positioning the brand all over china and also in ASEAN.
  • He was appointed as a marketing director for Avon cosmetics retail when he was very young.
  • Alexei Orlov was marketing director and brand communication director for Volvo cars UK. At that time the Volvo Corporation had a record of second largest national sales.
  • For eight years he was a president in digital specialist agency Wunderman. After completing the president position completely he becomes COO and then at final stage he was appointed as executive vice chairman for worldwide.

Apart from this Alexei Orlov was honoured with awards like CMO of the year for two years (2012 and 2013), Cannes gold lion award. He also published some articles like OWN YOUR LIFE: THERE IS MORE TO YOU THAN YOU KNOW and Alexei Orlov Weaves philosophy and empathy into business success.

From the above blog about Alexei Orlov it was clearly understood that Alexei Orlov was a great man with the quality of international business leadership.