What is all about conversational AI?

Clinc conversational AI

AI has wide variety of applications that are anything starting from the super human to super computer machine. Big data, analytics and the automation are often found to be at the first places which come into the mind of a support leader, marketer or brand manager. But the conversational AI offers a whole new category of capabilities that the enterprise leaders should consider when they are serving their stakeholders and customers. In general the conversation AI is a type of machine that a person can communicate with where this could be of chatbot, social messaging app or website, voice enabled device or voice assistant or any other kind of interactive devices. These kinds of devices are being used by the Clinc a famous conversational AI company that provides the enterprises to communicate with customers by allowing the people to ask required and necessary questions, recommendations or get opinions, find support, execute the transaction or to achieve the necessary goal through the conversational AI method.

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Different versions of the conversational AI implemented by Clinc

The Clinc conversational AI Company has introduced this new method of marketing strategy technique that has made the enterprises to communicate with their customers and to get to know about the request and response details based on the new product launch and other things. The Clinc has provides the different versions of the conversational AI for supporting the enterprises to connect with their customers such as chatbot, voice assistants, interactive voice recognition system and mobile assistant. These versions of the conversational AI versions are used by huge number of enterprises or promoting their business products and services to reach huge number of targeted customers. With the help of this enterprises can make their product to reach worldwide where this is found to be effective method in digital marketing to increase the customer count.