Songwriting Technique Quick Tips For Beginners

Songwriting Technique: Quick Tips For Beginners

There are plenty of songwriting tips on the internet and there is a good chance a lot of them do not work. Most people write songs in a general way. They improvise on their instrument on and on until they stumble upon something with a good sound. This way of song composition is very limiting. There are 8 simple ways to start your songwriting focus:

  • chords;
  • melody;
  • chords and melody together;
  • rhythm;
  • dynamics;
  • timbre;
  • texture; and

Any single songwriting process can be very limiting. Hard work is a must if you want to squeeze as much out of a single process as possible. More processes than one are much better.

Listen to simultaneous radios at once

This may sound weird for some but it works for the majority. You can find interesting progressions and melodies this way. It is like ear sampling in a way. Turn on a couple of radios at low volume and listen for the overlaps. This is a form of aleatory music where certain parts of the composition depend on chance.

Look out the window

Do this for a very long time. Looking out of the window can clear your mind and let you think better. If you have no window or your view is quite depressing, anything silent will do. Stare at a nice piece of art or a tropical aquarium. Stay away from hyper-fast distractions for a while. These include computers and cellphones. Find some quiet silent time and you will have more time for inspiration.

Take time to listen

Silence can do you good. An hour of silence is actually more than enough for your brain to reset. Talking is a huge and complex task for the brain. Putting it aside for a while will help you write better. During your silent time, deep memories and feelings will have a clear path to your mind. Those thoughts make great songs. Take a break from chatting and be silent for some time. Your brain will be able to find the inspiration you need with ease.

Short and concise lyrics

Write as few lyrics as you can. Get straight to the point. Simplicity is always effective in songwriting. It can be a bit challenging to pull off though. Simplicity is a skill every songwriter aims to master. It not only keeps songs relatable, it also makes them engaging and catchy.

Start with Mozart

Listening to Mozart provides a positive effect on focus. There have been studies to prove this one. It affects the spatial-temporal reasoning or concentration. A bit of Mozart will put your brain into high gear. It is great for pumping out some quality songs.

There are several music studios in Melbourne that can help you with your songwriting. They offer various lessons and classes for all levels of students.

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