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Triller Platform Responsible For Ryan Kavanaugh’s Rise 

Ryan Kavanaugh is an American businessman and media mogul who earned the name of a phoenix for the rise he made; from a bankrupt CEO of a media company to one of the most popular platforms in existence in the world now. In the latest installment of Ryan Kavanaugh News, we have written about his meteoric rise from the fall.

When Kavanaugh purchased Triller in 2019, he had no idea how big it would turn out, or how it would be responsible for his phoenix-like rise from the ashes of this company, Relativity Media. Within two years, in 2016, Relativity Media crashed and declared bankruptcy, which led to a large-scale upheaval in Kavanaugh’s life. Read on to know more about Triller, and how this platform become responsible for his comeback as a media mogul.

How Triller overtook TikTok 

Following the threat to TikTok by then President Donald Trump, social media influencers and celebrities started to look for alternate options that would serve the same purpose as TikTok but were homegrown. And what better option than Triller, the digital entertainment and music platform?

When Relativity Media crashed within two years of its inception, Hollywood experts believed it was his comeuppance, for the ease with which Kavanaugh had rebranded himself as a seer of Hollywood’s future.

Now Triller has become the second-largest media platform in over 51 countries around the world. Even though TikTok survived the threat to its existence, Triller has started posing as serious competition to it. Triller was not meant to be like TikTok, even though the hype behind it is seen as an alternative to TikTok.

Triller was meant to be like Google or Facebook, as a search engine to help content creators use multiple websites to curate their content.

Triller has become the latest attraction for those in search of the latest entertainment, and boxing seems to have become the newest entertainment provided by it. Traditional boxing seems to be making a comeback thanks to Kavanaugh’s platform, with the first match of Triller’s Fight Club set to happen on Saturday, April 17th. The first match is set to happen between YouTube star Jake Paul and former MMA champion Ben Asken.

Triller has proved to be the panacea for Ryan Kavanaugh and has ensured that the man remains relevant to the media industry. How long this will last, we certainly cannot say, but it does look like it will take a while before anyone else replaces Triller’s spot.

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