Understanding Stormwater Pits And What’s The Best To Use

Understanding Stormwater Pits And What’s The Best To Use

In order to ensure that the rest of your stormwater system can handle even the strongest drainage demands, you can install a stormwater pit. This is simply a robust chamber that is specifically constructed into the ground. There are different types to choose from, and one of the most preferred these days is glass reinforced concrete pits.

Choosing The Right Storm Drain Pit

To ensure that you are choosing the right type of storm drain pit, there are a couple of factors that you need to take into consideration. So before you decide and put your money into storm drain pits, here are some factors that can affect your decision.

Pit Size Required

Each drainage pit is different in its own way, especially when it comes to its size. When deciding, the width, length, and depth of the required pit should be considered. You should know how large the pit should be and the area where you will be installing it. Also, consider the pipe direction and whether or not it will be used for retention.

glass reinforced concrete pits

Types of Storm Pits

When installed and functioning properly, they can help reduce floods for better management. If you want to know what type of storm pits you can choose from, here are the most preferred types these days.

  • Side Entry. This is the type of drain pit that you normally find next to the street gutters. The rainwater easily flows to the sides of the road and into the side entry pits.
  • Precast Knockout. This type of pit drain is composed of heavy-duty precast concrete. This is by far the most commonly preferred because it’s easy to install.
  • Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC). This is another popular option because it’s a lighter alternative. It can be readily carried by a couple of workers, unlike the heavy precast pit.
  • Custom-Designed Pits. Some are surprised to learn that drain pits can be custom-designed depending on what you require.

Installation Conditions

It is very important that when it comes to storm drain pits, you only choose to have them installed by those who know exactly what they are doing. Call your local installers to assess the area, and help you choose the right type of pits and materials to use. This way, you avoid getting into some problems later on. They also have the knowledge when it comes to what is required by the local government with this kind of construction.

Now that you know a little bit more about storm drain pits, make sure that you only choose the best option for you. And these days, the most recommended are glass-reinforced concrete pits. Get to know a little bit more about this first before you decide. Or you can talk to your trusted installer to determine if this is a good option for your needs too.

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