Criminal defence lawyer Brampton

criminal defence lawyer brampton

Passi and patel is a Institute cum office of many lawyers at brampton, Ontario.

These two lawyers fight for criminal offences, mischeifs, shoplifts . Very serious cases like murders, weapon thefts and many more like drugs and all. They defended all the cases with very less ease and gave perfect justice to them. Here, the lawyers practice and fight for justice. Many lawyers here fight for serious criminal offences here criminal defense lawyer brampton.

At passi and patel the lawyers over there are professionals and skillful in defending in serious criminals. Not only this they fight on various reasons like,

Serious assaults

criminal defence lawyer brampton

Aggravated mistakes are very dangerous offences. But, they deal with the same principles. There won’t be any difference in simple and normal assaults when compared to serious assaults. When the convict is sentenced to 14 years jail  that is called the aggravated offences. The length and severity of punishment depends on the offence a person is included. The seriousness includes the nature and severity of the injury. If a person is charged with aggravated assault then immediately you can consult lawyers at passi and patel.

Bail hearing

Bail is the crucial step. Bail is something where you can put a petition so that your punishment will be on hold, and you can fight for justice. When you file a bail petition the judge leaves order to postpone the charge filed on a person, ans ask for the serious well investigated report. Till, then the convict is kept under normal prisoner jail. And, the crown atorney should should show to the judge to detain the accused.

Domestic lawyers

Domestic cases are the most commonly disscussed cases in ontario. Here, in the domestic assault cases the lawyers are very busy. The domestic case should not only be in between wife and husband but also in any way. Like wise, between two friends, neighbors ,  between parents and children and many other relationships.

In case of domestic bail the accused cannot return to his own house . In such cases there would be other conditions where the accused is restricted to get release in a different way like two fold method.

Defence lawyers on fraud

In Ontario fraud is considered as property occupying offence.

The fraud offence is of two types, if the fraud is over 250000rupees then it is called under fraud and if it over the amount then it is fraud over.